The passive house and thermal insulation

Thanks to its thermal insulation, ventilation and solar energy, it maintains a mild ambient temperature all year round. A passive house is of fairly simple architecture and should be oriented south if possible in order to collect as much solar energy as possible. For more informations: . The concept of a passive house was created in the 1970s after extensive testing and is based on German building standards: a passive house is more expensive to build than a so-called “conventional” house. Its occupants will probably save money due to a significant reduction in their electricity costs in the long term, although its price may be 20% higher.

Building a positive energy house

Building a positive energy home is an important business for the job developer. In order to see it realized according to the rules of the work, it is always necessary to be accompanied for a project to scale. Exotic structures require specific experience, a qualification that allows you to obtain achievements that meet standards. Discover property for sale super cannes . There are many passive house builders, but the most important thing is to locate it.

A BEPOS house

A BEPOS house produces more energy than it consumes. Moreover, it can be said otherwise: it consumes much less energy than it produces… The calculation is based on the average of a season and includes the electrical appliances used by its inhabitants. Energy houses are extremely small and, at the same time, prefer the comfort of their inhabitants. There is absolutely no way to feel too hot or too cold in winter. They also make it possible, without taking anything, to limit the impact of rising energy prices on your budget. The interior plans have been designed according to current lifestyles. They include beautiful open lounges and also include the preservation of night spaces.

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